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Innovative Kids of America
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Innovative Kids of America is a fascinating new concept designed to inspire, excite and provide kids ages 5 through 18 with a real life opportunity to start their own business. The project is the idea of Dianne Linderman, national radio host and award-winning author of the children’s book series titled “How to Become an Entrepreneurial Kid.” An entrepreneur since childhood, Dianne’s business experience as a young person has inspired her to provide the opportunity to start a business to as many kids as possible.

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Why “Innovative Kids of America Project™” is So Important
America was built by entrepreneurs, but schools don’t teach economics and never give kids the idea that they could one day be job providers. We need to inspire our youth to get creative and innovative and have the ability to achieve their dreams and ideas!

Where are the Locations for “Innovative Kids of America Project™”?
An enthusiastic member of America’s fair industry for 30 years, Dianne believes that state and county fairs are the perfect launching ground for anyone to start a business. In 2012, Dianne introduced “Innovative Kids of America Project™” to fairs and found that they were very excited about bringing such a community-oriented, creative and educational attraction to the industry.

Fair locations and dates are announced on our website.

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What to Expect

In addition to reviewing the business plan, each child will need to complete a simple application and include a photo of their products. Parents need to be involved with this process to help their children understand and to be successful. Kids will keep all proceeds from the sale of their items and services. For more information, please call us at 541-531-9100 or email

An Invitation
We invite any child age 5 through 18 to participate. We welcome homeschoolers, public schools, clubs, moms’ groups or anyone with the desire to learn how to start a business. With the mobility of this concept, the opportunities to bring “Innovative Kids of America Project™” to locations all around the country are endless. Dianne Linderman has worked with troubled children and teens for many years, inspiring them to become independent and successful. In addition to providing workshops for entrepreneurial kids, she is also available to speak on many other subjects relating to young people.

Planning for Participation
Kids are encouraged to create products or to research a retail item to sell. Each child is provided with an 8-foot table, backdrop and a spot within our location on the busy fairgrounds. They will need to provide their own decorations and merchandising items. (Because of heath regulations, homemade foods and beverages cannot be sold!) There will be no charge for the spot and the business planning book, “How to Become an Entrepreneurial Kid”, is provided at no charge. The simple, 20-page book will take kids through all the steps to ensure they have a good understanding of how to proceed, making this a very educational experience!


Watch Innovative Kids at last year's Sacramento County Fair:

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  What We Provide
• One 8-foot table with red & white
  skirting and two chairs

• To ensure a good understanding of how to proceed and make this a very educational experience, download this simple, 20-page book that will take participants through all of the steps of becoming an entrepreneurial kid.

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Your Small Business Kit Should Include:
• Snacks and a Lunch
• Table Cloth
• Racks, stands, boxes etc. to
  display your merchandise
• Signs
• Scissors
• Stapler
• Tape
• Pens
• Pencil
• Receipt Book
• Business Cards
• Money Box with change
• The Square (optional - a free app for your phone
   or ipad that allows you to take credit cards)

How to Become an Entrepreneurial Kid
Dianne Linderman’s series, How To Become An Entrepreneurial Kid, is a unique and beautifully crafted program that truly hits a nerve and fills a need by promoting financial literacy and entrepreneurial skills and attitudes for readers of many ages in a time when economic realities demand this kind of savvy and skill set at ever-earlier ages. “Everything in life starts with one idea!” The series includes three enchanting, entrepreneurial storybooks and a business plan workbook for starting your own business. Beautifully illustrated, educational and entertaining. Perfect bind, 32 page storybooks.

Read an exciting article on a school project inspired by these books:

Finding a Sweet Way to Learn


3 delightful stories and a workbook - all in one 118-page book on how to become an
           entrepreneurial kid.

What is an entrepreneur? A person who organizes, operates, and manages a business undertaking, assuming the risk for the sake of the profit.

$24.95 plus s/h



Planner and Workbook

A fun and easy 26-page planner and
workbook on how to start your own

Price: $5.95 plus s/h


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